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 Here is the absolute simplest loop knot for fishing; it's called the double surgeons knot. Simply run your tag end of your line through your hook or in my case a Mission Fishin jig head and give yourself ample leader, so you can double the line. You then make a double overhand loop. Slowly pull the loop closer to the eyelet of your hook. Squeezing the mainline locks it in place, pulling the tag line allows you to make your loop smaller. Once you have the loop to your liking, just trim your tag


 C.A. Richardson has used jig heads from dozens of different brands since he was a child, but over the past few years, C.A. has really been drawn to using almost all the jig heads in the Mission Fishin lineup. They cover the entire spectrum and pretty much make a product that every Florida angler would need!


 Jig head fishing with the finest jigs is what I like to do, as I have stated numerous times. Mission fishin makes some of the finest hand crafted fishing jigs on the market today. What sets them apart you may ask? All Mission Fishin jigs are hand poured, powder coated, double baked and the eyes are hand painted on each jig. The banana style head prevents hang ups and give the bait great dynamic. The double barb bait keeper is designed to keep your plastics on the hook but prevent damage to the plastics. The Mustad hooks are chemically sharpened and extra strong, I've never had a jig fail me while fishing. Give them a try and see for your self, you will be impressed.


 Here are my top four fall redfish fishing lures & me showing you how to rig Gulp shrimp on a Mission Fishin jig head. The fall redfish bite has been hot, especially in the Tampa Bay region. Redfish are known for their tenacious bite and great pulling power.

 In this video I am following up from the last, many of you requested to know what lures that I personally use, so I decided to create a video showing you my favorite and most productive fishing lures for speckled trout.


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